Nitrile what is that?


Nitrile is used in industrial safety in gloves as well as in work and safety shoes. Due to its high chemical resistance and general durability, nitrile is particularly popular in chemical protective gloves and in shoe soles.

What are nitrile gloves?
• Nitrile gloves are made of synthetic rubber
• They are often used as an alternative to latex and vinyl gloves when someone is allergic to latex
• They are also stronger than latex and vinyl gloves, making them suitable for repeated use
• They are also resistant to oils, grease and splashes of certain chemicals
• Nitrile gloves are not resistant to ketones, oxidizing acids and nitrogen
• Nitrile gloves are elastic and significantly more resistant than latex or vinyl gloves
• Tearproof

Nitrile gloves are available in a wide variety of forms and sizes for a wide variety of applications. They are recommended for many areas of use, playing a special role for all those who have a latex allergy. The disposable gloves are offered in different sizes on the market, available from size XS to XL, sterile and non-sterile, with and without powder. The best known are probably medical disposable nitrile gloves. The great advantage of nitrile in disposable gloves is that, unlike latex, there are no allergy hazards. The gloves are therefore compatible with almost everyone and can be used for almost any general work.
The increase in disposable gloves are full chemical protective gloves. Since the material of this type of glove is significantly thicker, some dexterity is lost. Chemical protective gloves made of nitrile are particularly suitable for working with hydrocarbons such as Propane, butane or gasoline. They are also resistant to mineral oils, lubricants and hydraulic oil. In general, nitrile gloves offer a good grip in damp and oily conditions.
Very often you can also see nitrile as a coating on knitted assembly gloves. The advantage over chemical protection gloves is that the material is thinner and therefore offers more dexterity. Usually only the palm and fingertips are coated by dipping, which enables good air circulation over the back of the hand. This type of glove is very popular for precision mechanical work. This work includes the assembly of parts in a damp environment, work in an oily environment such as the maintenance of an engine block, or generally for slippery surfaces such as in glass processing.

Nitrile gloves prevent the transmission of germs and bacteria
Nitrile gloves are worn daily by medical personnel. The material they are made of means they are particularly tight-fitting and do not interfere with the individual work steps and activities. Today the nitrile gloves are not only used in healthcare. They have also proven themselves as gloves in everyday laboratory work and also find an important place here. In addition, the nitrile gloves are used in the hairdressing trade and serve as protection when dyeing hair. Basically, disposable gloves cannot only be made of nitrile. They can also be made of vinyl and natural latex. Disposable gloves made of PE film are used in the food industry and the hairdressing trade.

Advantages of the nitrile gloves
Nitrile gloves are primarily used to protect against infections and germs of all kinds. Compared to latex, nitrile gloves offer decisive advantages, which has proven itself above all in contact with solvents and oils. The nitrile gloves are significantly more resistant to all kinds of chemicals. So they offer quite good protection against oils. However, there is a certain risk associated with solvents. Both acetone and dichloromethane can get to the skin through the nitrile gloves. How quickly this happens depends primarily on the material thickness. As a rule, this is not particularly large with disposable gloves.

Why are nitrile gloves always blue?
Nitrile gloves are usually available in white or blue, whereby the color has no influence on the properties of the gloves; however, the color blue offers better contrast when contaminated with colorless liquids.

Where are nitrile gloves produced and where to get the best nitrile gloves from?
Nitriel disposable gloves are mainly produced in Southeast Asia, particularly in the People’s Republic of China, Malaysia and Vietnam. The best quality is probably made in Vietnam and when buying one should check all certificates carefully because of Corona, a lot of inferior quality is currently being offered.

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