The best strategy against Covid-19


In view of the increasing number of infections on the continent, all of Europe is looking for the best intermediate level at which the Covid transmissions are reduced, but the highest possible level of social and economic life is possible.

Take a look at China

The views and strategies within the individual countries differ, but also those of the states in comparison with one another. However, instead of muddling back and forth, it’s worth taking a look at China. A consistent isolation strategy with accompanying entry bans and a lot of tests keep the Coronavirus in check and enable the Chinese to lead a relatively ‘normal life’, as they did before the crisis.

Is there a vaccine?

Another alternative strategy: wait until a vaccine against Sars-CoV-2 is available. Researches on a corona vaccine are already worldwide running at full speed. So far, however, it is unclear when a vaccination will be available. Experts expect the coming year at the earliest. Until then, you have to hold out and to protect yourself.
Once a vaccine is available, not only part of the population is immunized – as is the case with natural herd immunity – but at best all people. Especially the corona risk groups, for instance people over 70 years of age or with a previous illness, could be the first to be protected against the pathogen that is particularly dangerous for them with a vaccine. And large parts of the population would also be spared the disease of Covid-19.
It would be a truly sustainable solution to the corona crisis, because the virus could at best be eradicated worldwide. But this approach also has its pitfalls: How long can the population stick to strict hygiene and distance measures? Until the vaccine is there? And to what extent can the economy return to “business as usual” in the meantime?

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“East Asia has very few corona cases

In East Asia, the pandamy is almost contained, from Japan, Korea, Taiwan to Thailand, Malaysia. Until now, Taiwan had only 531 tested positive, 7 dead and currently only 33 currently infected. It would be interesting to see how the East Asians do this.”

Make, 10-17-2020


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